Tuesday, 20 April 2010

South Killingholme

I deliberated for the last week on what to do with my images that I took of my home village. I was going to make a book, but thought I'd just be doing that for the sake of it, so I decided to make this poster. There is no rhyme or reason behind this mini project, it's an extension of Britishness and directly inspired by the Caravan gallery. I personally like the use of the photos here, I think the shapes enhance them. I chose the type face because it looked industrial and the shapes reflected the shapes of the landscape.

Well I don't think i'm going to take this any further, but I do like the outcome. I might tweak the poster design a bit. I do think when you look at the photos they tell you a lot about the area and my village, and if you look closely the photos are interesting and well juxtaposed. Liz didn't have much to say about it - I think one of the other tutors might have appreciated it a bit more. Needless to say I have achieved what I set out to do!

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