Sunday, 25 October 2009

Marian Bantjes

I came across this woman's work in the Dataflow book, it was an inspiration map which caught my eye and I decided to look further into her work.

Bantjes is a Canadian artist who has worked with typography, graphic design, book design, worked for her own design company. She has worked with Stephan Seigmeister, Pentagram, Print Magazine, wired, The New York Times, Wallpaper, The Guardian and Young and Rubicam.

The more I explored her website the more this woman was amazing me. She not only designs, but writes articles and essays, teaches, gives talks and speeches. This sounds exactly like the kind of job I want!! I want it all.

In the 'about me' section, there's an extract of her CV and it is just incredible. It's hard to imagine that one person can have accomplished so much and such a wide range of things.

Rather than the typical 'about me' section, it is made up of lots of different bits and pieces - including a piece she writes about herself. I could relate to what she was writing so much, it was so refreshing and genuine. I think I may have found a new design heroine!

Below is a link to an article that she wrote for the AIGA essay series. Its about her life and regrets and coming to terms with what she's done and how she's chosen to spend her time. I think this pretty much sums up how I feel all the time, wondering if I should have done things differently, and whether or not i'm making the right decisions. She talks about how she wishes she went to university to get a solid foundation knowledge of art and design but that she probably wouldn't be where she is today if she hadn't gone travelling instead.

This is definitely one woman who's job I want, so to take the advice from Clinton I'm going to see if I can find out how she got to where she is today. I think that concentrating on people and agencies that I aspire and relate to and finding out more about how they have got where they are and who works for them will really help me to direct my work and decide where I am going.

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