Thursday, 29 October 2009

off on a tangent

After my wacky week tutorial with Mack and a quick chat with John Walsh I'm moving my project on finally. I made a great start with it, but the last week has been a bit stagnant and I was struggling to move it on. I realised that I 've been so close to it I started to find it difficult to see new potentials in my work. At first when Mack told me to try scanning some stuff in and experiment with it just to see what happens I wasn't sure that would take me where I wanted to go, but then when John said a similar thing but in a different way, I realised they were both right. So I'm not going to play with the photocopier just yet =) but I have realised I need to let my concept go a bit and push it in any direction that comes. Then I can explore just how far my ideas can really go! I admit that I am no photographer - I like photos but I'm not great at taking them and although I want to do some experimenting and let go I don't want to do things i'm not good at just for the sake of it...

So a break from Silence to finish of my Kino posters (more on them later) for the review has given me a welcome break and I feel refreshed for a weekend of tangents!!

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