Friday, 30 October 2009

Sheila de Bretteville

A Feminist/writer/designer/teacher? I want that job. Mack posted this name on the blog and when I looked her up the interview was really inspiring. I don't deliberately try to find women designers, but for me it is even more inspiring when it's a strong woman! This woman really has accomplished it all - professor of design at Yale! That's pretty impressive. Reading what she says makes a lot of sense - sometimes it feels difficult to find your own style and briefs when your at uni because we do get set with the same stuff everyone other graduate does. It's a great time to be influenced by people around you and learn as much as you can from what already exists, but when I leave and have to produce my own work I really do want to create stuff that says something and has a purpose and message. I'm not sure the perfect job for me is just to be a straight forward designer - I enjoy the people/client/presentation/concept/ideas/research side of everything far more than the execution and deliverance, but what I do know is that I want to work on stuff that matters.

'I work to help our students acquire a solid basis from which they can each shape their own professional body of work, perspectives and life, rather than replicating mine, or those of their faculty and critics. I agree with Rob Storr that ‘it’s time for the post post-modern generations to make up vocabularies and metaphors of their own.’

''All environments and experiences affect us, so our work is to make the patterns of power clear and keep communication open. If we do the hard work of asking and listening, not hiding what we think but rather being as clear, transparent and conversational about what we are doing and why, we have opportunities to change a pattern that is hierarchical;''

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