Friday, 27 November 2009

Museum of Art and Design (MAD)

We went to the MAD on friday evening, 'pay what you wish' night, and we only wished to pay a few dollars each so saved a lot of money there! There was 4 floors altogether:

Random floor - can't find the name of this exhibition, it might have been a permanant collection. Quite a mix of things, mainly 3d like furniture and objects. Here's just a few things that caught my eye!

Bobby Silverman - stacked bowls with vase
Jin- Sook So - Steel mesh

Kondo Takahiro - Blue Mist Object

Ghost Stories
On the first floor there was an exhibition called Ghost Stories by Nendo designs. The main space was completely white with just these wooden chairs dotted around. They appeared to be floating as their white legs disappeared into the floor.

Then there were these strange bubble type things that looked like they were pockets of material blown up, but were actually hard material. I liked the fabric texture and look to them, they were very delicate and the lighting made them kind of beautiful.

Slash - Paper under the knife
Upstairs the main event across two floors was the Slash exhibition - every artist and every technique you can imagine ever applied to paper. Some of these things were truly incredible, I really appreciate detail and when it is painstakingly obvious how long and how much skill went into a particular piece of work, so I wasn't disappointed.

Adam Fowler, 74 layers. This was one of my favourite pieces. I liked it because it was more original than some of the others, the depth and detail to it amazed me.

A large scale piece by Andrew Scott Ross with tiny cut out men and animals like a secret world!

Ariana Boussard Reifel - Between the lines. Another one of my favourites, this book started life as a violent and racist white supremacist book.

Georgia Russell - The story of Art

Beatrice Coron

Brian Dettmer

Rob Ryan - Can we, shall we. Possibly one of the most famous paper cut out artists, it was really different to see his work in real life it was so fragile I was worried about it ripping just looking at it!

Carole Kunstadt

Chris Gilmour - Triumph of good and evil

Daniel Alcarla

Dylan Graham

Ed Pien - Night Gathering

Beatrice Coron - Heaven and Hell. The 'Hell' piece was on the lower floor against a tall window, then directly above it on the floor above was the 'Heaven' piece. Nicely exhibited!

Jane South - Wall

Judy Pfaff - Bougue Lusa

Kako Ueda

Mia Pearlman - Inrush

Sue Blackwell - Rapunzel

Tom Gallant - Rose window

This would have been a great exhibition for anyone now doing the paper brief. Personally paper playing is not really my thing, and I do find a lot of these artists a bit repetitive and indistinguishable from each other, but every so often there was one that blew me away so it was a good exhibition over all!

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