Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Some other inspirations

Most of the adverts I looked at before I didn't think were very successful so here's some stuff that I really like.

Frank anti-drugs adverts:
I really like the whole idea/campaign of these adverts. I think the tone of voice is perfect, the visuals are shocking but the sarcastic humour keeps you watching. There's more of a harsh reality to the advert. The use of David Mitchell in the voice over is a great choice - Young people recognise the voice and humour and his celebrity status is right - doesn't feel like he's preaching. I don't think this advert would have any effect on young people who heavily use drugs already, but I do think impressionable people who are thinking about it/worried about it/hanging round with people doing them would feel that Frank is somewhere they can get information and someone to talk to.

The 'Your eyes will give you away' Drug Driving campaign is also something I really like. I think a lot of young people are much more likely to drive when stoned than drunk - it impairs you in different ways and I think people think they will still be competent drivers. This advert is a very good incite into the minds of someone one who has taken drugs and their behaviour. They're not saying don't drug drive because you might kill someone, have an accident, end up dead. People don't think that will happen. They're saying don't drug drive because the police will be able to tell and you will get pulled over. This is a much bigger and more real consequence for most people. I think especially when this is viewed sober it would have memorable effect next time you think of getting in a car stoned.

This Drink Drive advert is also nicely done. It's a great simple way to highlight the chain of events that can take off if you get caught drink driving. I think a key point about the adverts that work is that they don't just try to shock, they focus on real consequences that people can really relate to, not minority, far fetched tragedies that people find easy to ignore because they just don't believe it applies to them.

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