Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tutorial 24.11.09 - Competiton brief

Unfortunately I was still at the research stage yesterday in the tutorial. I've been trying madly to catch up this week but there is so much to do. Still, I thought I was wasting time researching but we chatted it over in the tutorial it helped me to sum up what I'd found and now I'm moving onto the ideas stage. Since I've been getting stuck into this brief I realise it is a much bigger challenge than I previously thought and actually the research that I've done was a vital starting point in order to come up with an idea that actually works, even if it's taken me a bit longer than it should have done. The age group of 13-16 is so difficult to reach and so varied that I don't even really know where to begin!

To sum up my research, the main things I'm going to work to and include in my ideas are:

1. I want it to be a positive message - not shock or negative consequences, but something young people can aspire to, offering an alternative to drinking.

2. Although I want the campaign to be partly informative, this is covered else where in the government campaign and information about alcohol can be found if they're pointed in the right way, so my main message is that it's ok not to drink, there are other ways to have fun, and it is ok to talk to people about drinking.

3. I want the tone of voice to be quite light hearted, not 'authoritative', but coming from someone young people aspire to.

4. I want to use ambient/guerilla or non traditional media, or a mixture of both to really connect to young people and interupt their daily lives.

So now all I need to do is hit upon the idea!

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